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PHP is one of the oldest and most popular scripting languages for web development and its dominance can be clearly seen even today when you have so many options. With the help of this language, you can create some dynamic websites that engage visitors and make the business successful. With Wepdroid, you get next-gen PHP web application development solutions that work for every business irrespective of its size and domain. We give you solutions that are synonymous to perfection in every way.

Wepdroid gives you dynamic web applications that make the best use of PHP. We deliver platforms that engage the visitors in the most innovative manner. From the backend specs to the user-interface, we make everything impeccable so the users find the website more convincing. Our team works on every single section of the application and make it 100% reliable, secure, and efficient for the users. We yield results that exceed your expectations and make your business ready for any sort of challenge.

PHP Development

PHP was originally called Personal Home Page and but it now refers to the recursive initialism ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’. It can process a high level of coding tasks and makes the development process very productive. Developers have fond of this language because it brought a high level of functionality and renders effective results very easily. At Wepdroid, we make the best use of this general-purpose scripting language and create some great graphic work along with robust frameworks that make your website’s performance absolutely flawless. Our developers get to the root of this language and come up with solutions that work for any kind of business. We give you custom-made web applications developed on PHP and ensure that it works with all the prominent platforms. With our methods and practices, your business gets a befitting solution with which, it can establish its position in any domain. We make sure that your enterprise gets the best this powerful language to cater to its audience seamlessly.

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Custom Application
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Dynamic Website
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CMS Development
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API Development
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Cloud Saas Paas
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Industry Solution

PHP Development Service

We make PHP development very feasible and adaptable for every enterprise with cutting-edge programs. Our developers make the whole process nuanced and broaden the scope of improving the functionality of the platform. We are able to create the most innovative web applications that do not just hold the attention of the visitors, but also make them efficient enough to carry out complex tasks and to overcome all the challenges. We generate the most effective applications that help your business affix its position in the domain.

Web App Development

Php Mobile Web Service

When we develop mobile web service using PHP, we ensure that everything works in favor of your enterprise, and results are always positive sans any issues.

PHP web Solution

PHP Web Solution

For web solutions, we take the best approach and equip the platforms with some effective measures, we make the website highly intriguing and impressive.

Web Application

Web Application

To make web applications perfect, we dig deeper into the technical specifications of the process and ensure that everything is working in a flawless manner.

That’s Why You Should Pick Our PHP Solutions

When it comes to developing applications for iOS platforms, we deploy all the programs that can make the visibility of product or service noticeable in this domain. Whether it is an iPad, iPhone, or a Mac, our apps work seamlessly on all of them with zero errors. We make sure the outcome of the development process ekes out the most productive results for your enterprise.

  • PHP4.X PHP4.X
  • PHP4.X PHP5.X
  • PHP4.X PHP7.X

Creating a suitable CMS could be a tricky job but it is undoubtedly a solution that you want your business to capitalize on. When we work on a content management system, we make sure that you get results in time and gain more efficacy as well. We build a more systematic program that broadens the scope of delivering great speed and robust security as well, it makes the whole operations way effective.

While designing the front end, it is a must that thinks of all the aspects with the users’ point of view. Our developers craft every single segment of the front-end in a way that the users get an unmatched experience of browsing. We make the features and tools easy to use and make them more interactive as well, our products keep you one step ahead when it comes to making the platform appealing.

Web services are very particular with the domain you are functional in and they also give you great results when worked upon perfectly. We give you absolute finesse and make sure that there are no errors in the process of development. In addition to that, we accouter the service with cutting-edge tools that solve every issue if there are any, we make sure web services are perfect to the hilt.

  • SOAP
  • XML
  • JSON
  • AJAX

With the JS library, the domain of web development has expanded its limitations, and experts can give you some amazing products by using it. That’s exactly what our developers do by giving you befitting applications that make the best use of JavaScript. Our developers give you productive outcomes that are exemplary, they amp up the value of your platform and make your business a preferred option for its target audience.

    jQuery Mobile jQuery
  • Prototype.JS Prototype JS

The wearables industry is already worth a billion-dollar as the usage of this technology is growing day by day. By making your app available on this platform, we give you a chance to tap into a domain that is still untouched by many contemporary services and products. We make sure that your business can perpetuate its stand in this domain and could be more competitive.

  • Kendo My SQL
  • Node.JS Mongo DB
  • jQuery Mobile Postgre SQL
  • AngularJS Microsoft Sql Server
  • Ember SQL ite
  • React.js Oracle


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