Internet of Things Solutions & Development Company (Custom-Built Internet of Things for Different Businesses)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a groundbreaking technology that can empower our life and business in various ways. It is a system of interrelated devices that work in synchronization, which means that you can control all the connected devices remotely at the same time. IoT is one of the trailblazing solutions that enable our company to accomplish multiple feats effortlessly. Wepdroid makes this technology highly accessible and affordable to every small, medium, or large-sized enterprise and ensures that any sort of business can acquire it.

Wepdroid delivers tailor-made IoT solutions that are crafted as per the size and nature of your business. This is a technology that gives you benefits by making things work together and we make certain that you can sync all types of devices that you use. From automation to embedded systems, appliances, security systems, wireless sensor networks, mobile devices, etc, we can connect anything using this avant-garde mechanism. Our experts are able to deliver the best results for your business using the Internet of Things.

Our IOT Application Development Services

Internet of Things provides you the ability to connect multiple devices and to share data over a secure network sans human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. Our developers make this concept more adoptable by broadening its limits without impacting the fundamentals. We are able to channel the advantages of this technology to your business with innovative methods and practices. Without making it a high-cost affair, we are able to equip your company with a custom-made IoT that works the way you want. No matter what kind of devices or how many of them you want to connect for your specific operations, we make it seamless and easy. Our expertise and knowhow bring you closer to one of the most cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century. We have empowered many businesses with this dynamic system and continue to make them infallible at various fronts. Wepdroid makes the Internet of Things not just accessible but also more productive for every business that wants to stay one step ahead.

IOT Consulting

IoT Consultancy

If you are not sure about the benefits of IoT to your technology, then you can discuss the prospects without our experts and have a clear idea about everything.

PHP web Solution

IOT Solution

The solutions that we provide are created as per the specifications and requirements of your business, we make certain that your enterprise gets what it wants.


Backend & API Development

When developing backend and API, we are mindful of the changes that you want to bring in your proprietary IoT mechanism and we make it flawless to the hilt.

IOT Device

App Development for IoT Device

When you are applying IoT, you have to ensure that the devices could be managed properly and that’s why we make bespoke apps that make things totally perfect.

PHP web Solution

IoT Gateway Development

With gateway development, you can keep track of the payment that is made with one of the connected devices and we deliver a robust system for this purpose.

Web Application

IoT Implementation & Support

TOur experts take care of the implementation and assure that you get support instantly if you ever need it. We have trained professionals to solve your issues in no time.

Web App Development

Connectivity With Wearable Device

If you want to make the operations more accessible and manageable, then we make it possible by bringing the IoT to your wearable device and enhance the success ratio.

PHP web Solution

Voice-Enabled Tech Solution

In case the manual settings confuse you, you have a personal voice assistant taking commands from you and executing all of them in time, we experts make it feasible.

Web Application

Data Analyst

No business can be successful unless you analyze the data even if its IoT-enabled. Our experts deliver a perfect analysis program that does this job perfectly and easily.

Advantage of IoT Solutions

By using IoT solutions, any business could attain a higher level of perfection and churn out great results. No matter which domain you are in, you can make things better and manage the entire operations in a much better way. You can control all the devices deployed and make them more productive, you can reduce the efforts and price in monitoring the resources. With this technology, you cannot just gain some fringe benefits, you totally change the game and be the frontrunner in your industry.

Part Time Decision Making
Automated and optinird Process
Enhanco Book in Complex Scenarios
Optimized use of Resources
Improve Marketing Automation
Smart Entangled Supply Chain
Better Revenue Generation
Access to Tools
Invoiced Sales
Contemporary Business Opportunity
More Efficient
More Efficient

IoT Development Industries

Internet of Things is already being employed in many industries and it has now started to reach the small-scale industries as well. All the domains are able to gain endless advantages from this technology and getting unmatched results.






Tour’s & Tourism


Retail Ecommerce

Smart Home

Smart Home & Buildings




Banking & Insurance




Education & Elearning

Technology We Use For IoT App Development

Using these technologies, we make IoT accessible, productive and cost-effective for your business



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