iBeacon App Development Company

iBeacon is a protocol that enhances the power of Bluetooth and makes it more useful for enterprises. This technology is very useful in point of sale systems, mobile payments, mobile marketing, mobile e-commerce, etc. It works on Bluetooth Low Energy and uses a universally unique identifier to connect with a broad array of devices. Developed by Apple originally for its own products, iBeacon now works with Android devices and platforms as well. This technology certainly keeps you way ahead in terms of embracing new solutions.

By deploying an iBeacon, you empower your business to achieve several feats. That’s because it can serve multiple purposes and can be beneficial for various entities in different domains. Wepdroid makes bespoke iBeacons that are crafted as per the needs of your product or service. We have mastered this technology and know how to make the most of it, our experts can make it compatible with any device and render its handling effortless. With our iBeacon developers, you can surely a frontrunner in your niche sans any impediments.

How we make iBeacon more accessible for business

The way we approach this technology is unique and inclusive at the same time. We make iBeacon-based products and services that give you a 100% output without making the whole process very sophisticated or difficult for you, we make it more adaptable.

Maps & Navigation
Seamless Transfer
Tracking of Assets
Secure Mobile Payment
Encrypted Payment
Logistics Tracking
iBeacon Based
iBeacon-Based Healthcare
Providing Location
Location-Based Information
Customer Engagement Solution
Engaging Customers

We make iBeacon universal for the enterprises of
any nature and domain

With our iBeacon development methods, you get a befitting product that serves your customers or clients in a flawless manner. We make the end-product exemplary and easy-to-use so your business gets nothing but the best.

Marketing Edge


Connectionless Communication

Contactless Communication

Real Time

Real-Time Tracking

Personalized Proximity Interactions

Personalized Interactions

Here’s what your business achieves with iBeacon

iBeacon enables your business to enhance its reach. With this technology, your company can involve multiple individuals and entities by offering them a groundbreaking solution. No matter which domain you operate in, it gives you the potential to streamline every process. You might think only a few industries can use this technology, but its scope widens as you start to explore its features. With an iBeacon-powered product or service, your enterprise can perpetuate its position in any niche very easily and it can also include other additional platforms. You can offer trailblazing services to your customers using this technology and makes their lives and work easier than ever. Even if your business does not have an inclination to digitization, this technology brings the best out of it. When the deft professionals of Wepdroid work on this particular solution, they make it more scalable and specific to your operations. By associating with our experts harness the power of one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century.



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