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Develop Your Taxi Booking App Like Uber or Ola – Features, Cost, and Benefits

Develop Your Own Taxi Booking App: Taxis are a common form of alternate transportation in many cities. Travelers in developing nations frequently use taxis in place of private vehicles because they find the service convenient or because they do not want to buy a car.

The fastest-growing area of the online mobility sector is ride-hailing, where numerous new transportation companies are fighting for customers worldwide.

Are you an entrepreneur and planning to establish your own business? This blog is the perfect place for you as here you will be guided on how to develop your business app like Uber or Ola by focusing on its features, benefits and cost.

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How Does Taxi App Function?

Through a taxi app, customers can order a cab by selecting the pick-up and destination addresses. After the ride is over, the passengers are required to pay the whole fare. The basic fare and the distance travelled are used to determine how much a cab will cost. On the app, users can rate and comment on the performance of drivers. Additionally, drivers might provide their thoughts on how they deal with clients.

Features of Taxi Booking App Like Ola-Uber

There are numerous features of apps like Ola-Uber. Some of the important features are listed as follows:

  • Geo Location: It is the Uber/OLA navigation and mapping system. Using the Core Location framework for iOS and Google’s location APIs for Android, it determines the device’s location. When driving from one location to another, the drivers are given directions using MapKit for iOS users and Google Maps Android API for Android users.
  • Push Notification: Following the reservation of the ride, the following notifications are sent to the rider using this technology: The driver agrees to the request and proceeds to the location where the passenger will be picked up. The passenger and the driver will be updated on the status of the journey via push notifications and SMS messages if the travel needs to be rescheduled.

Uber uses the Twilio telecommunications company to transmit SMS, whereas iOS and Android use the Apple Push Notification Service and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), respectively.

  • Payment Integration: This is one of the significant features of a business application like Uber or Ola. To prevent human mistakes, payment apps like Uber employ cards and wallets. When receiving payments by card or wallet, the organization must adhere to certain requirements which are known as”PCI specifications.”

Benefits of Developing Business App Like Uber or Ola

For Customers

  • 24×7 Service Available: You can download a cab app on your smartphone and utilise it whenever you want. If you need a cab late at night, you can reserve one and get one. One of the most valuable benefits that users can get at any time is this.
  • Multiple Payment Options: There are various taxi booking apps available in the market. The majority of the application’s payment methods, including cash, a passport, a wallet, net banking, and others, are accepted. The user may pay the trip fare using their preferred payment option.
  • Cost-Effective: Every taxi app offers fresh discounts and promotions in a competitive industry to attract more passengers. You may have also observed that using a cab app is the ideal substitute for public transportation and can help you save money.

For Drivers

  • Flexible Working Schedule: In the taxi booking app, a driver has the option of being online or offline. A driver’s online status might be set following their allotted time. When you want to get a ride request and take a ride, you set your rate online. You don’t have to work at a specific time as you would at a job when you use the taxi driver app; you can work whenever you want.
  • Easy to Locate Passenger: It is one of the major benefits for drivers as they can locate the passenger easily through navigation.

For Taxi Business Entrepreneurs

It is also very beneficial for taxi businesses to develop business apps like Uber or Ola in various terms. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

  • Controlling all systems and analysing system reports will make it simple for you to come up with a business idea for a feasible plan.
  • GPS is used to locate your driver and track each taxi.
  • To increase the number of users in your area and strengthen your brand, hire more drivers.
  • Taxi businesses receive a commission for every journey.

Cost to Develop Business App Like Uber or Ola

The cost to develop a business app like Uber or Ola will depend on various factors such as the type of application you want to develop, the features you want to incorporate, the complexity of the project and the app development agency you hire.

However, we can provide you with an approximate cost to develop a business app like Uber or Ola which can be anywhere between $35000-$90000.

Final Words

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