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Flutter App Development Company in India

Nowadays technology is developing at a very rapid pace. We can see the impact of digitalization in every aspect of our life. One of the major examples of this could be the enhanced number of smartphone users. Due to this, the usage of mobile applications has also increased significantly.

One such advancement in the mobile application is the Flutter App Development. Here in this blog we will discuss everything about flutter applications and will recommend the best flutter app development company in India.

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What are Flutter Apps?

Google released the open-source, cross-platform Flutter framework, which is used to create cutting-edge applications with extraordinary user interfaces. It creates a space where you can experiment freely.

Dart is a relatively new but simple-to-learn programming language that is used by Flutter. Flutter is capable of handling any level of complexity thanks to its pre-built rich widgets. By developing such mobile applications you will seamlessly combine native quality and cross-platform adaptability by utilizing the Flutter features.

Flutter App Development Services

If you want to develop flutter applications for your business, you must hire a app development agency who can provide you Flutter App Development Services. For this purpose, while selecting such an app development you should focus on the fact whether they are offering the following flutter app development services or not:

  • Flutter Consulting Services

A vital first step is to get going on the right path. To use Flutter for a game-changing business strategy, you must hire such Flutter consultants that can help you assess your present setup and plan tailored Flutter apps.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

To assure great speed and a positive user experience, you should choose such Flutter developers that create safe, scalable, and top-notch online and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

  • Flutter App Design Services

The main goal of flutter app development is to release strong, quick-to-design apps. An efficient developer can assist you in creating Flutter apps that thrill consumers with beautiful UI and seamless UX while being simple to use and maintain.

  • Support and Maintenance

A good flutter app developer will be offering support and maintenance services. These are made to increase the quality of your programmers, decrease the frequency of mistakes, and guarantee application uptime.

Wepdroid Technologies is the best flutter app development company in India as it offers all the above-mentioned flutter app development services.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

  • Simple and Easy Coding

The best option for cross-platform code exchange is Flutter. Developers create a single piece of code, unify it, and distribute it.

  • Diversified Widgets

The focus of Flutter is widgets. You can personalize and construct an appealing user interface that matches the design of your software.

  • Speedy Testing

The code for Flutter is the same on all platforms. This streamlines the procedure and makes it simple for testers to review the code.

  • Detailed Documentation

The availability of a library pool is a crucial component of developing Flutter applications. The thorough documentation makes it easy for you to quickly resolve any problem.

  • Google Firebase Support

Because Flutter is supported by Google, your application can scale up completely using Google’s Firebase at the backend.

Process of Flutter App Development

There are certain steps involved in the Flutter App Development Process. Some of the most important steps are mentioned as follows:

  • Step 1: Project Discussion: At the initial stage when you contact a flutter app developer, they will carefully consider all of your business needs. With you in conversation, their professionals thoroughly describe the Flutter development cycle.
  • Step 2: Wire framing: All of your visual requirements are gathered by the developer team, who then create a wireframe. Throughout the entire development process, this wireframe can be consulted whenever necessary.
  • Step 3: Coding & Development: This would be the phase in which the coding and development of the application will start. The process of development is started by the developers. They would be showing their art of coding and writing a few lines of code specifically for your application.
  • Step 4: Testing: At this stage, it will be ensured that the developed application is error-free and it will also focus on the fact whether the app is bug-free or not.
  • Step 5: Deployment: This would be the final stage in this process where the application will be ready for the usage of users.

How Much Does it Cost of Flutter App Development?

The cost to develop the flutter app is impacted by different factors such as project size, features in applications you want to include, complexity and the app developer you choose. Due to this, it is highly impractical to give you the actual cost of each project. However, we can give an estimated cost based on the size of the project as follows:

  • Small: $10000-$11000
  • Mid-Sized: $16,800 – $22,400
  • Large: $22,400 – $33,600

Why Choose Wepdroid Technologies?

Wepdroid Technologies is one of the leading Flutter App Development Companies in India. They are in the market for a long time and know the tactics and tricks to develop an application with great functionalities and features.

They have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers. Their proficient developers have served numerous clients with their exceptional services. The flutter app development services provided by them are the best in the market in the terms of cost as well as timely delivery.



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