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Digitalization is having a high impact in the present time in all things around the world. Businesses nowadays are also getting digitalized to remain competitive in the market. One such example through which businesses are coming on digital platforms is the Android Mobile App Development.

Business ventures are realizing how mobile apps can help them expand their reach and customer base in the digital age. With almost everyone using a smartphone to access a variety of applications, the ecommerce industry has undoubtedly benefited greatly.

Business ventures are realizing how mobile apps can help them expand their reach and customer base in the digital age. With almost everyone using a smartphone to access a variety of applications, the ecommerce industry has undoubtedly benefited greatly.

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Through this blog, we are going to discuss the advantages of Android Mobile App Development, its features and the cost to build an android app in India.

So let us start our discussion by looking towards its major advantages.

Advantages of Android Application Development

  • Cost-Effective

The development of android applications is considered a cost-efficient method so that business does not have to face unnecessary financial burden. This is regarded as cost-effective as Android App Developers are easily accessible and can make such applications for you at very reasonable rates. Also, the hardware and end devices come at less prices which would be saving huge money of yours.

  • Can be Easily Developed

Such android mobile applications are advantageous to a business as they can be quickly developed without waiting for a long. It means you can implement your ideas for the expansion of your business without any delay.

  • Highly Secured

It is crucial that your mobile application is secure and that the data it stores cannot experience any security breaches. Linux is the foundation upon which Android application development is based, which ensures the security and smooth operation of every mobile app available on the Google Play Store.

There has never been a single platform crash or information leak from any application in the lengthy history of Android. Security is essential to Google, so creating Android applications has many advantages.

  • Customizable Platform

Any mobile application’s success depends on its user interface (UI). You can develop an application with user-friendly and customised applications if you use Android application development for your platform.

One of the key advantages of Android application development, as repeatedly stated by Google, is the user’s ability to “talk” to their application interface. If possible, users like to customise their applications, and creating Android applications makes this process simpler.

Features of Android App Development that Must be Included

To build an efficient android mobile application, the following features must be included in your digital platform:

  • Simple Login Page

Nowadays, the majority of mobile applications require users to register with their email addresses and mobile numbers. If it is an on-demand app, they might be asked to create a personal profile that will enable the owner to gather the necessary information.

The registration page must be brief and easy to navigate, though. Longer forms and unnecessary questions may annoy the users. Just use your name, phone number, email address, and if necessary, your address.

  • Including Enterprise App Features

The development of enterprise mobile apps has accelerated in recent years, and because it provides several venerable benefits, businesses are gradually indicating their interest in them.

The enterprise apps also offer a messaging or chat-based feature to enable easy communication between staff members. Additionally, the enterprise apps have features like CRM, ERP, and SAP integration.

  • Space for User Feedback

One of your mobile application’s most important components is user feedback, which will determine whether your brand is a success or a bust. Permit and invite more users to provide you with critical feedback on your app, either in written comments or through the ratings by adding this feature.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

Integrating the support for multiple languages is another eye-catching feature that will give your Android app the edge in the competitive race. The target market and the region of the world where your app would be released must be chosen before implementing the language.

Cost to Build an Android App in India

Different factors would be impacting the cost to build an Mobile App in India. These factors will either increase or decrease the overall cost of development. Some of the features that will impact the cost are as follows:

  • Type and Size of the application
  • Features and functionalities that you want to include
  • The complexity of the project
  • Application Security Cost
  • Developer you choose

As we cannot estimate the exact price, we can give you an idea based on different categories.

  • Simple Android App Development Cost: $12,000 to $30,000
  • Standard Android App Development Cost: $40000 to $90000
  • Complex Android App Development Cost: $100000 to $120000

Best Android App Development Company in India

Wepdroid Technologies is one of the best android app development company in India that is offering the finest services in the market. Their team of developers are highly skilled and will develop the best android mobile application for your business equipped with the latest technological advancements and functionalities.

The mobile application development services offered by them are the best in the market as they are known for providing cost-efficient services. They are also known for the prompt and timely delivery of mobile applications so that the growth of your business does not get hindered.

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